Packet #2 Answers

Topics: Applied behavior analysis, Behavior, Behaviorism Pages: 4 (684 words) Published: November 23, 2013
Answer Key for Packet 2

Activity Handout 6.1
Identify the UCS, CS, UCR and CR

Read through the examples below and then identify the UCS, CS, UCR, and CR in each of the examples.

1. Pamela is walking her child at the mall and a lady walks by and stops to see the baby. The lady has a shiny, noisy bangle of bracelets that are the same as the ones Pamela wears. When the lady reaches down to pat the baby on the head, the bangles make noise and the baby starts making suckling noises.

UCSfood (milk)
CSthe noise from the bracelets
UCRsuckling noises
CRsuckling noises

2. Scott’s dog waits every afternoon in the front room for Scott to come home. He knows when he hears the garage door open, Scott will come in and take him out for a walk. One evening Scott leaves to go get something at the grocery store. As he is leaving, he hits the garage door opener and the dog starts running around like crazy.

UCSgoing on a walk
CSgarage door
UCRdog’s excitement
CRdog’s excitement

3. Every other day, Tabetha’s cat gets wet cat food. Tabetha uses the electric can opener to open the can of food. The cat gets so excited because she loves wet cat food. One morning, Tabetha’s mother is visiting and she gets a can of tuna to make tuna salad sandwiches. As she opens the tuna can with an electric can opener,the cat is constantly rubbing on her leg and purring and meowing.

UCSwet cat food
CScan opener
UCRcat’s excitement at the wet food
CRcat rubbing on leg and purring

4. Rachel’s boyfriend always wore a certain kind of cologne that she was allergic to. When he came over she would start sneezing. A couple of weeks after they had broken up, Rachel was at the mall and ran into her boyfriend’s identical twin brother. When he came up to see her and say hello she started sneezing.

CSsight of boyfriend (and twin brother)

5. Elmer really likes to cook with onions and he puts onions into almost everything he...
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