Case 2 - Find Somebody Else

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Case 2: Find somebody else
Question 1: What principles of supportive communication and supportive listening are violated in this case?
During the conversation between Ron Davis – the relatively new general manager of the machine tooling group at Parker Manufacturing and Mike – a plant manager who reported to Ron, Ron had violated some principles of supportive communication and supportive listening. First of all, Ron had violated Descriptive and Problem-Oriented principles. For example, Ron expressed his thinking and opinion about what Mike did and stated Mike’s personalities: “I think you’re too chummy with some of your female personnel” or “I think you’re creating a substandard impression by not wearing a tie” and “Having things in disarray reflects poorly on you.” Ron also violated Validating and Supportive Listening principle. For instance, Ron said he felt strongly about the issues he had mentioned regardless of Mike’s opinions and need Mike to correct. Question 2: If you were to change this interaction to make it more productive, what would you change?

If I were to change this interaction to make it more productive, I would change the way I direct the problem and focus on solution than point out Mike’s personalities. For example, instead of saying that I think you are chummy with some of your female personnel, I would like to say that I think there is always difference way to interact with same and opposite gender co-worker. And especially some of behaviors are not appropriate to female co-worker that you should aware on. In additional, I will try to ask the reason why he did his own way on performing job such as the way he dressed or his reports. I will give him some space to say what he thought and respond to what I just said. Question 3: Categorize each of the statements by naming the rule of supportive communication that is either illustrated or violated. * Illustrated Congruent

Example: I don’t want to seem picky but I do feel strongly about...
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