A Report on Movie "Gung Ho"

Topics: Japan, Individualism, Empire of Japan Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: October 7, 2010
1.Identify three scenes where you came across information on cultural differences between Japan and American workplaces. Please restrict each scene within 3-4 lines.

From the Gung Ho Movie, it is not hard to recognize that there are lots of differences in culture, value, and work attitude between Japanese and American. Three scenes from the movie where the cultural differences are shown distinctly, are given below-

1. At work, Japanese production supervisors make the point that individual worker has to use the Japanese process and technique as to work as a team; so they do not allow workers to smoke, read a newspaper and listen music in the work place. This incident shows the different preferences for work structure between Americans and Japanese.

2. There is a another scene, where in a meeting Japanese women must avoid during situations when their husbands are discussing their businesses but Audrey who is Hunt Stevenson’s girlfriend insisted to participate in the meeting whereas Japanese women were apparently not. Unlike Japanese, in America genders should be treated equally.

3. In a conversation between the Japanese managers Mr. Kajihiro and Mr. Stevenson, the differences among American workers and Japanese workers are totally exposed. Mr. Kajihiro said that the American employees were not loyal as much as the Japanese employees. he was stated that the American employees were only working for money, starting the job late and leaving early, avoiding job when they are sick, while their Japanese colleagues were only working for the company, spending less time with their families, running faster, thinking the future of the business as it was everything for them.

2. Do you think if those Japanese managers would have adopted the American way in full, would that bring in success similar to what they have achieved in Japan? If yes, why? If not, why not? Explain within 1-2 paragraphs. ANS:

No, I do not think if those Japanese managers...
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