Effective Communication Paper, Hcs 325 Essay Example

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Effective Communication Paper
“Within boundaryless organizations context, teamwork, and communication replace formal lines of authority” (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007, p. 64). Effective communication is the most important aspects of any organization. Without effective communication an organization can be unsuccessful and fail. Some communication obstacles a caregiver could face on a daily basis are: working with Alzheimer’s patients and memory loss, make sure to speak clearly, slowly, and use the correct tone and volume, make sure you have the patients full attention, use effective nonverbal signals, use appropriate behavior and show the patient that you care and are listening, and communicate effectively with other in the organization and other sources that may have to be dealt with. (RNCentral, 2012). EFFECTIVE TEAMWORK

One way to share information and ideas is by working in teams. “A team is a small group of people with complementary skills, who work together to achieve a shared purpose and who hold themselves mutually accountable for its accomplishment” (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007, p. 76). “Teamwork is essential in the provision of healthcare. The division of labor among medical, nursing and allied health practitioners means that no single professional can deliver a complete episode of healthcare” (Leggat, 2007, p. 1). Through teamwork, people work together to accomplish the goals set forth by members of the team or organization. Teamwork requires leadership, commitment, and understanding. Through these aspects, team members can learn how to operate together, achieve high levels of task performance, and membership satisfaction. When team members work together they can pull their resources together and come up with the best outcome possible for any problem they may have or goal they want to achieve. Working in teams also has a huge impact on individuals’ needs, attitudes, and performance. Teams can be good for members and the organization...
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