DEM 312

Topics: Communication, Psychology, Psychiatry Pages: 4 (683 words) Published: April 13, 2015
DEM 312

Understand and enable interaction and communication with
individuals who have dementia

Unit Accreditation
Credit value


Learning outcomes
The learner will:
1. Understand the factors that can
affect interactions and
communication of individuals with

Assessment criteria
The learner can:
1.1 Explain how different forms of dementia may affect the
way an individual communicates
1.2 Explain how physical and mental health factors may need
to be considered when communicating with an individual
who has dementia
1.3 Describe how to support different communication abilities and needs of an individual with dementia who has a
sensory impairment
1.4 Describe the impact the behaviours of carers and others
may have on an individual with dementia

2. Be able to communicate with an
individual with dementia using a
range of verbal and non-verbal

2.1 Demonstrate how to use different communication
techniques with an individual who has dementia
2.2 Show how observation of behaviour is an effective tool in interpreting the needs of an individual with dementia
2.3 Analyse ways of responding to the behaviour of an
individual with dementia, taking account of the abilities and needs of the individual, carers and others

3. Be able to communicate positively
with an individual who has dementia
by valuing their individuality

3.1 Show how the communication style, abilities and needs of an individual with dementia can be used to develop their
care plan
3.2 Demonstrate how the individual’s preferred method/s of interacting can be used to reinforce their identity and

4. Be able to use positive interaction
approaches with individuals with

4.1 Explain the difference between a reality orientation
approach to interactions and a validation approach
4.2 Demonstrate a positive interaction with an individual who has dementia
4.3 Demonstrate how to use aspects...
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