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Outcome 1
Be able to communicate with individuals with dementia

1.3 Use information about the communication abilities and needs of an individual with dementia to enhance interaction
Remember that the individual with dementia might be feeling confused, anxious, irritable and depressed, and suffering from low self-esteem.
Speak clearly, slowly, and in a calm and friendly tone.
Be aware of body language.
Use visual cues, pointing to things to show what you mean.
Approach the individual from the front. An unexpected touch or drawing near from behind may startle and upset the person.
Ask only one question at a time and allow time for an answer. If he does not seem to understand, repeat the question using the same wording. If this does not work, after a few minutes, rephrase it.
Eliminate distractions, such as the TV or radio, when talking to the person with dementia.
Use humour whenever possible.
1.4 Use person centred approach to enable an individual to use their communication abilities
A successful person-centred approach to communication is based on:
Learning about dementia, its progression, and how it affects individuals
Believing that communication is possible
Focusing on the person’s abilities and skills
Reassuring the individual with dementia and being positive
Meeting people with dementia where they are and accepting their reality

Outcome 2
Be able to apply interaction and communication approaches with individuals in dementia

2.1 List different techniques that can be used to facilitate positive interaction with an individual with dementia.
Techniques can be
Use a memory books
Do a recreational activity
Complete problem solving activity
Play familiar music
Use pictures
Smiling and laughing
2.2 Use an individual’s biography/history to facilitate positive interactions
2.3 Demonstrate how the identity and uniqueness of an individual has been reinforced by using their preferred methods of interacting and communicating

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