e commerce and how to grow business online

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A Project Report On
E-commerce And How To Grow Business Online


Under the Supervision of: Submitted By:
Prof. Ritesh Jain Mohit Agrawal FPG1315/035 I.B.A, Greater Noida

I hereby offer my sincere and profound thanks to Mr Ritesh Jain who provide me such a challenging task and also provide me a vast knowledge to complete this challenging project and guided me throughout my project including implementation of sales and marketing concepts and analysis. Without them I would not been able to complete my project successfully.

I would like to thank my project guide Mr Bhaskar Sharma, Senior Manager, Outlook Magazines, Delhi for guiding me through my summer internship and research project. His encouragement, time and effort are greatly appreciated.

I would like to dedicate this project to my all respective teachers. Without their help and constant support this project would not have been possible. Lastly I would like to thank all the respondents who offered their opinions and suggestions through the survey that was conducted by me. ABSTRACT

The Project “ONLINE MARKETING: OUTLOOK magazines” is an attempt to know about the marketing of magazines via digital networks and also the factors and causes which affect the selling and marketing of Outlook Magazines in the market .In this tough time of competition magazines industry is going a long way in developing, formulating and implementing promotional strategies to cope up with this tough competition. Though there are many aspects which can be improvised in the services of Outlook magazine .Strategies are formulated not only keep up with cut throat competition but also to meet the highly volatile consumer preferences. The objective of my project report is to share my experiences and learning of working in outlook. I work there as a sales executive, and I have to learn through online selling and contacting with the Customer through phone calls. There are several factors which influences the purchase of a person. These factors may be internal and external as well. Internal factors include perception towards the thing, knowledge about product, purchaser’s attitude, lifestyle, motivational status etc. for example-money magazines of outlook is purchase by the customer who wanted to build his own business, and spent his money at the right place because it is mainly based on personal finance .External factors includes friends, peers, family members who can recommend the person about the purchase. We also find the fact that there is a small opportunity of improvement in the area of quality of content magazines delivery system and promotional schemes .The customers agreed upon the fact that gifts are good in quality but they added that the promotional schemes can be more attractive, and the delivery system should be more robust.



Outlook is one of India's four top-selling English weekly newsmagazines. Like many other Indian magazines, it is reluctant to reveal its circulation, but the 2007 National Readership Survey suggested 1.5 million copies. Outlook's competitors are India Today, The Week, and Tehelka. Outlook has been...

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