Struktura Inc.

Topics: Ice cream, Milk, Cream Pages: 49 (13127 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Table of Contents

Executive Summary4
Objective of the Study:5
Chapter 18
Market Study8
Product Description8
Target Market8
Channel of Distribution9
Competitive Advantage10
Supply and Demand Analysis11
Historical Supply Analysis12
Historical Demand Analysis14
Historical Supply and Demand Gap Analysis14
Projected Supply Analysis15
Projected Demand16
Projected Supply and Demand Gap17
Price study18
Factors Affecting the Market20
Marketing Programs21
Action Plan of the Service22
Chapter II24
Technical Study24
Product Description24
Manufacturing Process26
Tools and Equipments36
The Establishment Location39
Materials and other sources40
Raw Materials41
Labor Needed42
Utilities Required43
Waste Disposal43
Schedule of Production45
Chapter 346
Financial Study46
Financial Statements47
Computation of Unit Variable Cost50
Computation for Unit Cost51
Schedule of Ending Inventory51
Schedule of total current asset cost53
Test of Profitability54
3.) Debt – Service58
Payback Period59
Return on Owner’s Investment63
Break Even Selling Price Analysis66
Break-Even Sales68
Chapter IV69
Management Aspect69
Forms of Ownership69
Functions of key Personnel71
Chapter V77
Socio-Economic Study77
Chapter VI78
Cost-Benefit Analysis78


The making of this project would not be possible without the help, support and encouragement from our beloved friends, professor, loved ones, and especially our almighty God above who gives us the strength and knowledge. For further appreciation, we would like to specific those persons who help us to pursue in continuing of doing the project. * To Mrs. Eliza Braganza whose guiding us in every process that we’ve been through. * Ms. Emma Roble for lending us her Feasibility Study which made this project possible. * To our cheerful and beloved classmates who surround us all the way in completing the study and sharing their knowledge to us. In every question we ask, they are always there to answer our interrogations based in the study. * To our beloved parents who are always there to give support all the time especially in the terms of financial and continually understand us in the time of staying overnight our classmate’s boarding house. * To our dear loved ones who always there to us and giving inspiration in the times we are in the miserable situation and; * Last but not the least, the most important is the Almighty God who giving us wisdom and strength. Executive Summary

The Ice cream house research undergone in studying through interviewing in a factual basis where the frozen avenue has been chosen. It was selected for referring the data’s from; the market studies, where there’s a processes in building the establishment, a structure to determine its organizational structure, the functions and purposes of its existence. The technical studies which the product can be shown lit procedures purposes and the impact in the society, this also discusses about the planning operation activities including the useful materials, resources needed and its estimated cost. The financial where it has recorded it variables and values, the cash flow, the income statement and it’s break-even to identify the financial system and the firm, the financial deals to study with the balance sheet statement that helps to classify the problems in terms of financing each capital and expenses etc., The management aspect where the evaluation of the establishment and the division of the task can be determine especially the effectiveness and it’s efficiency on how the business has been managed by the proponents. The socio-economic which serves as the description connecting to the blow between the consumer and the product served, it study also on how was the level of ice-cream affected...
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