Comparitive Analysis of Retail Outlets

Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, Department store Pages: 19 (4347 words) Published: April 15, 2013

A Research Report submitted in partial fulfilment for degree of Master of Business Administration

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Jatin KaushikE - 21
Manohar ReddyE - 24
Neeraj PendharkarE – 28
Shaurya MalikE - 47
Vaibhav SawhneyE - 63



We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Prof..Asha Nagendra our research professor at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies for her guidance, motivation and support without which it was not possible to carry out the research. We thank all the respondents for giving their precious time to fill the questionnaire and to give inputs on the same. We sincerely thank to the librarian Ms.Dipali More for guiding us by providing knowledge and help with the books and journals in the library.

Place: Pune


Table of Contents

Sr. No.| Topic| Page No.|
1| Introduction| 1|
| 2.1 Literature Review 1| 2|
| 2.2 Literature Review 2| 3|
| 3.1 Selection of Topic| 4|
| 3.2 Sample Size| 4|
| 3.3 Data Collection| 4|
| 3.4 Pilot Study| 4|
| 3.5 Analysis of Data| 4|
4| Analysis| 5|
5| SUMMARY| 12|
6| Conclusion| 13|
7| Bibliography| 14|
8| Appendix 1| 15|

List of Tables

Sr. No.| Table Name| Page No.|
1| General Information of the Respondents| 5|
2| Customer preferences for shopping at Retail Stores| 7| 3| Comparison of Retail Stores| 11|

List of Figures
Sr. No.| Figure Name| Page No.|
1| Pie Chart showing Occupation of respondents| 6|
2| Pie Chart showing Monthly Income of respondents| 6|
3| Pie Chart showing Preferred Outlet of respondents| 8| 4| Pie Chart showing Frequency of Purchase of respondents| 9| 5| Pie Chart showing Average spending/year of respondents| 9| 6| Pie Chart showing Preferred Purchase of respondents| 10|


With the entry of new entrants like Reliance, Trent and Bharti-Wal-Mart in the organized retail market, the pressure is forcing retailers to work out strategies that will help them emerge unscathed from the upcoming cutthroat competition. In such intense competitive environment, retailing business is greatly affected by the patronage behaviour of consumers. Understanding factors affecting consumer preferences for retail store selection can assist retailers in developing appropriate marketing strategies towards meeting the needs and wants of consumers. This study examines the linkage between consumer preferences and the importance of some salient store attributes. Strategic implications of such preferences are also discussed. The results revealed that Shoppers Stop is the most preferred outlet and Big Bazaar does not have the best pricing among the compared retail outlets.

* Retail
* Customer Satisfaction
* Spending
* Pricing
* Purchase

Globally, retailing is a big business. It is one of the largest industries in India and second largest employer after agriculture. The share of organized retail is more in developed countries but bulk of this business is unorganized (97%) in India. In recent times, retail sector has been growing rapidly with the multitude of factors viz., increasing sophistication, modernization of the life-style of households and increasing globalization of trade. The emerging trends in the Indian organized retail sector would help the economic growth in India.  There is a fantastic rise in the Indian organized retail sector in a very short period of time between 2001 and 2006. Eventually, out of the shadows of the unorganized retail sector, India has a chance of tremendous economic growth, both in India and abroad. The emerging trends in the Indian organized retail sector are also adding up to the development of the Indian...
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