Topics: Magazine, Editing, Gossip Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: April 16, 2015
a) Discuss one (1) relevant general environment segment that has a negative impact on the sales of printed magazines. One relevant general environmental segment that has a negative impact on the sales of printed magazines is technological. The technological segment includes product improvements, new communication techniques , interaction with society and application of knowledge. Based on Remajakini magazines, the technological will give negative impact to the sales of printed magazines because nowadays, as the technological changes make people more easier and then with the technological factor, people now can get the news, information just one click. Customer no need go to physical store just because want to buy magazines, as technological make customer easily get the information with just browse internet. Therefore, the people choose to use the technological to read the gossips or others rather than buy magazines. b) Discuss why the future of Malaysia's popular longest-running teen's magazine, Remajakini, is in danger. Use the four criteria for sustainable competitive advantage to support your answer First criteria is valuable. The Remajakini no longer more valuable because this teen’s magazine may not able to create value to the customers since nowadays the people are more innovation product which can satisfy the need of customers.And in the long run, printed magazine may not be able to create value. It is because changes in customer preference and rapid technological changes. Second is potential of new entrants. Remajakini face problem with the competitors as Remajakini magazine is no longer rare and there are many people possess this kind of business. Many company using printed magazine as their primary services even through internet a lot of blog or website that post a gosip or any news. In order to make remajakini different from other company, the remajakini should change the medium from printed magazines to other choice. Third costy to imitate....
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