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Luxury Europe 2010 RFP
Although online and offline experiences are quite different in practice, the goal remains the same. The main purpose of the boutique and the website is to create a unique and unforgettable experience for the customer.

Smart brand marketers are the ones who realise luxury always was and always will be about the relationships. Luxury Interactive helps you advance the integration of traditional and interactive marketing strategies to create exceptional customer experiences, keeping your brand top of mind with your customers.
Location Central London Hotel

Luxury executives in the following areas: Sales & Marketing, eMarketing, eCommerce, Interactive, Strategic Planning, Branding & Brand Management, PR & Advertising, Business Development, Corporate Communications, Strategic Partnerships, Customer Relationship Management & Loyalty Marketing, Interactive Campaign Management.

History of Event
Landmark 3/10 – 3/13 2008
Le Meridien Piccadilly 03/16 – 03/18 2009

Decision Date

What to include in Proposal
Dates, Meeting Space outline with Room Names, Floor Plans, Menus, Meeting Space Rental, Distance to Metro

Date Options
05/11 – 05/13 2010
Space Needs Days are flexible as long as no meetings are on Friday
2 Offices
Setup for Conference needs to be 110 ppl in crescent rounds with Stage, Riser and room for podium and panel table. (these people really like to spread out there papers and interact in a table format)
Setup to start at 9pm – 24 hour hold
Exhibit Setup to take place for 10 10x10 booths that need to be next to General Session this would need a setup of 2pm with 24 hold till breakdown on Wednesday at 4pm.

2 Offices
Conference Starts at 7am – 6pm needs to be set in crescent rounds for 110 ppl with Stage, Riser and room for podium and panel table.

Concurrent Session either General Session in half or addition breakout needed from 10am – 6pm for 50 ppl in rounds with

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