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Topics: Management, Requirement, Organization Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: August 26, 2013
1.1Describe the role and responsibilities required when supporting the organisation of an event • Collate attendees list and send out invitations once all details have been confirmed • Sourcing an appropriate venue: Once you know how many people you will be expecting, you can go on to look for a suitable venue to hold the event. You need to make sure that it can hold the required number of people and that it is suitable for purpose, so if it is more of an important meeting that you are organising, you should look into conferencing facilities • Sourcing required equipment and resources: Once the list of attendees is put together, you can then go onto sourcing the equipment and resources that you will needs throughout the day. For example, when we hold an induction session, it is vital that we have internet access for students to complete online assessments, that we have all relevant paperwork and stationery and also that we have a projector screen to play a health and safety education video • Refreshments: Depending on the type of event and the time that it is being held refreshments could be anything from teas and coffees to pastries or a buffet lunch • Arranging for additional staffing: if you are expecting a lot of people, you may need to look into having additional staff or guest speakers to the event • Safety: You also need to liaise with the venue to check for any planned fire alarm tests and to get familiar with the location of onsite facilities and assembly points.

1.2Identify a range of support activities that may be required when supporting the organisation of an event If you are supporting the organisation of an event, you may be required to research the above, arrange invitations to go out, prepare the resources or make final bookings and organise payment for the venue and catering etc. On the day of the event you may be required to meet and greet, help sign people in and give out visitor badges depending on the agreed procedure Identify the...
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