Indonesia Pest Analysis for Cosmetics

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Positioning (target and needs)

- All professionals
- All Business companies:
* Small and medium-sized enterprise
* Large companies
* Multinationals

- Average and high income
- Travel minimum 3 times a year for one to two weeks
- Like comfort and access to all business facilities at affordable prices

We choose 3 segments:
* Primary segment (A): business tourist
* Secondary segment (B): conferences and meeting
* Third segment (C): business ceremonies, gala and all events


Product| A| B| C|
All profesionals| | | |
Small and medium sized entreprise| | | |
Large companies| | | |
Multinationals| | | |

Value proposition 

"All business facilities at affordable price"

Positioning statement 
All professionals and companies sizes, with average or high incomes who want all business facilities and organize they companies events at affordable prices with all the comfort of a great hotel.

What is important for customers? How we respond to it?

Product A: business tourism
1.Busines facilities -->
* Internet,
* Videoconference equipment,
* All computing equipment

2.Comfort -->
* Spacious bedroom of all types (suite, single room, double room), * King-sized bed,
* Room service 24/24
* Suit hiring per day
* Parking lot

3.Securities -->
* Technical assistance
* Safety box
* Electronic key

4.Pleasure -->
* 3 restaurants (French, Italian and buffet)
* 2 bar
* Hair salon (manicure & pedicure)
* Swimming pool
* Spa
* Game area (pool table, bowling)

Product B: conferences and meetings and Product C: business events * facilities -->
* All computing and conference equipment
* Organization of commercial events, working meetings, training center, general assembly, sessions of...
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