Managing Human Resources Quiz 4 Review Chapters 1 Thru 4

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Managing Human Resources | Quiz 3 | Review: Chapters 1 thru 4 Student:
There are Multiple-choice, True or False, and Short Essay questions. Note: All questions also require a brief response explaining the reason for your answer. Circle the correct multiple choice answer; or check () the correct answer for True or False statements 1. When the human resources function creates a unique capability in a firm that creates high value and differentiates the organization from its competition, human resources is a/an ____ for the firm. a. intangible asset

b. core competency
c. critical capability
d. strategic supplier

2. The collective value of the capabilities, knowledge, skills, life experiences and motivation of an organizational workforce is called
a. the organization’s talent inventory.
b. total human resources.
c. human capital.
d. the organization’s intellectual assets.

3. Due to an urgent need to cut costs, Rotary Dial, Inc., has decided to eliminate its quarterly off-site training conference for managers at all four of its locations with video conferencing. This reduces travel costs significantly and allows the company to lay off two training staff. This is an example of a. organizational restructuring.

b. aligning HR activities with organizational productivity efforts. c. outsourcing an organizational function.
d. re-designing work.

4. Beverly, a child care supervisor at a children’s hospital in a large urban area, communicates on a daily basis with other employees and community contacts through tweets, texts and blogs. She sends positive news and updates about the public activities of the hospital. This social networking is not part of her formal job responsibilities. We can say that Beverly is probably

a. exposing the hospital to violation of privacy lawsuits and should be prohibited from this networking.
b. highly engaged with the organization.
c. looking for excuses to avoid working.
d. a contingent employee trying to impress her boss so that she will be moved to regular employee status.

5. As Director of HR, you are designing an ethics program for your organization. You plan to develop a written code of ethics, training for all organizational members, and means for organizational members to obtain advice on ethical situations. What critical element is missing from your plan? a. systems for confidential reporting of misconduct.

b. a discipline system for offenders against the code of ethics. c. designating a high-level staff position as an ethics officer. d. ensuring that the organization’s code of ethics is not more restrictive than the relevant laws.

Managing Human Resources | Quiz 3 | Review: Chapters 1 thru 4 Student:

6. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has had all of the following effects on HR EXCEPT a. companies have to establish ethics codes.
b. HR has had to carry out compliance verification effort involved with the act. c. HR has to develop anti-retaliation policies for employee whistle-blowers. d. HR exempt-level professionals must have professional certification. 7. A rumor has been circulating at the largest law firm in the city that the partners are considering outsourcing much of the work of the paralegals in the firm to a company in India. If you were a paralegal at this firm, what would be your most appropriate attitude or action?

a. Relax. Work of this level of professionalism cannot be outsourced to a foreign firm. b. Relax. Work that requires intimate knowledge of the U.S. legal system cannot be outsourced.
c. Consider your options. Only occupations that are dying are considered for outsourcing. d. Consider your options. The firm can generate huge labor cost savings by outsourcing your job.

8. International firms that move manufacturing operations to low-wage countries overseas are sometimes criticized for being “sweatshop employers.” Which of the following is NOT a defense for an international firm that is taking advantage of the wage disparity between the U.S. and...
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