Career as a Pharmacist

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i have chosen pharmacy as a career for several reason. the 1st reason ive chosen pharmacy is because i have a great intrest in the sciences. in alevels my greatest intrest lied in the courses that taught about health sciences and it just fascinates me to understand the funtions and the mechanics of the body and more over how drugs can interact with some of these processes but another reason is i enjoy working with people and helping people By working in a pharmacy i have been able to witness first hand exactly what a pharmacist role involves. i know what the job entails and their responsabilities since then my intrest has only increased i enjoy working in a pharmacist because its very fulfilling to me and personally it feels like im making a difference in other peoples lives finally why i choose pharmacy as a career is pharmacist are the key addition in health care as they are able to help patients with disease management with certain types of diabetes and infections. all these reasons above have inspired me to chose pharmacy as a career and the great thing about pharmacy is once i graduate i dont have to work in a retail chain. i can go from retail to a clinic in a hospital , or nuclear/industrial pharmacy.

interested in clinical aspects of working in the hospital
determine/decide which/what medications/medicine and doses is most effective for each patient's conditions

By Attended the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum it has given me an insight of how pharmacy was previously.
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