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document with 12 terms defined | Found at earlier part of the document with 31 terms identified | THE COUNCIL OF PHARMACEUTICAL EDUCATION | Found on article II | Not found in any particular Article or section | Composition of the Board | The Board of Pharmacy shall be composed of a Chairman and two members who shall be appointed by the President of the Philippines with the consent of the Commission on Appointments, from a list of nominees recommended by the Commissioner of Civil Service who shall secure...

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my planning in study and work , I have long planned to study in Pharmacy and become a Pharmacist in the future. Why I choose this field? First and foremost, I really interested to learn about biochemical mechanism of action of drugs, drug uses and therapeutic roles, side effects and potential interactions. Furthermore, I will learn more about my favourite subject in school-Chemistry. Based on the research I’ve done, students in Pharmacy will study Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1&2, Medicinal Chemistry...

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Pharmacy Sop

Since schooling days, I have had a curiosity to know how drugs are formulated and how they act. My parents have always been a strong inspiration for me and have given me the full freedom to choose my career. It was my dream to attain a Bachelor’s in Pharmacy as it opened up many possibilities and interesting challenges for the reason that Pharmaceutical sciences are the roots of many interesting scientific subjects. During my High School Tenure, I secured 86% in S.S.C examination which sought me an...

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Pharmacy Career

PHARMACY CAREER 1 Pharmacy Careers Daniel F. Bohmer Saint Leo University PHARMACY CAREER 2 Finding a career within the pharmacy profession holds appeal for many reasons: a strong job market, high pay, work equality, divergent career opportunities and favorable working conditions in a profession that consistently ranks at the top in Gallup’s annual poll of most trusted professions. Careers all across the ever-evolving health care industry have seen consistent growth in demand over...

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Pharmacy Tech

hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5. A technician answers the phone and the patient calling states that, after taking a medication she received from the pharmacy a few hours earlier, she is not feeling well and would like to know the side effects of the medication. The technician should: a. tell the patient the side effects of the medication, since they are commonly known to all pharmacy personnel. b. put the patient on hold and notify the pharmacist of the situation. c. ask the patient to hold while he looks up the...

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HISTORY OF PHARMACY HISTORY OF PHARMACY The evolution of the profession of pharmacy can be divided into five historical periods: 1. ANCIENT ERA-The beginning of time to AD 1600 2. EMPIRIC ERA-1600-1940 3. INDUSTRIALIZATION ERA-1940-1970 4. PATIENT CARE ERA-1970-present 5. BIOTECHNOLOGY AND GENETIC ENGINEERING ERA-The new horizon ANCIENT ERA         Used leaves, mud, and cool water to stop bleeding and heal wounds They used these methods by observing how animals heal their wounds...

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Pharmacy Position Paper

give the pharmacy a good name, knowing that we have a friendly service. There are times where I have to serious to make sure I don’t go off track on what I’m doing, so it’s all fun and games but I have make sure I don’t give the wrong medications to the patient. Education Needed Specific high school classes that would benefit me for being prepared to become a Pharmacist are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer class. After high school I would have to go to college for Pharmacy in which...

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Pharmacy Purpose Statement

Currently working in pharmacovigilance as a domain trainer and drug safety scientist my expertise include Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety, Regulatory Affairs, QA and QC. My undergraduate program in pharmacy have proven me that my education is far from complete. When studying my Bachelor degree in Pharmacy, I have got a chance to expose myself to learn the basics of administration of Pharmaceutical industry which has fueled my interest in learning the process of Approval from Food and Drug Administration...

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Pharmacy School Personal Statment

grandmothers I resolved to pursue a career in the medical field, and as I learned about pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics in my Drug Synthesis and Design course during my senior year, I determined that that career would be in pharmacy. My plan was to enter pharmacy school the year after I obtained my bachelor degree in chemistry, but changed circumstances at home demanded that I temporarily put my plans on hold. My mother ended up beating her cancer but over the course of the next two years...

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Community Pharmacy in Malaysia

INTRODUCTION A community pharmacy can be broadly defined as a community-based pharmacy. The main responsibilities of a community pharmacy include compounding, counseling, and dispensing of drugs on prescription to the patients with care, accuracy, and legality. Appropriate procurement, storage, dispensing and documentation of medicines are within the purview of its professional responsibilities. It is an important branch of the pharmacy profession and involves a qualified and pertinent pharmacist...

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