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a frightening experience

By mshalini Mar 11, 2014 459 Words

My worst and frightening experience happened on airplane a long time ago. After graduating from High School in Malaysia, I was quite happy when my parents allowed me to continue my studies in Russia. Living far from family, I longed for an opportunity to see my dear people again and at that time the best way to travel to Moscow was to use DC2 or DC4 planes. It took me about thirteen hours fly from Domodedovo airport to KLIA airport. I often enjoyed comfortable and pleasant flights, but one day during my air trip to Malaysia I experienced the most frightening incident I have ever had in my life. It was in the winter when I received a letter from my parents informing me of sister’s approaching wedding ceremony. I hurried to Vietnam Airplane Office to buy a return ticket to Malaysia. I boarded a DC4 plane that morning. When I was flying over Moscow city, it began to rain. Looking out of the window, I saw Moscow city surrounded in a dense veil of rain. We were making good time, but when we flew to Volvograd the weather suddenly got worse. It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing furiously. I was little nervous. I feel like something bad is going to happen. I started to think about my parents who are waiting for me at home. I’m sure they are waiting for my arrival. The plane was all right for about 30 minutes. I was listening to the music on the plane’s radio. Other passengers were talking. The stewardesses were serving drinks and food to the passengers. Looking out of window, I saw masses of dense black clouds flying past and it was raining heavily and dimly windy below. Suddenly, lightning struck one of the engines. The plane dropped rapidly. Some people were screaming and the stewardesses were falling down. From the cabin the co-pilot’s voice was heard to advise passengers to fasten their seat belts and keep calm. Looking around, I noticed some nuns taking out their rosaries and starting to say prayers. Their faces were as pale as death. Though I was hardened traveller and I got used to remaining calm, I felt quite frightened too. My heart was beating very fast and I was trembling with fear. I thought I was going to die. But my fear did not last long. After about 3 minutes, the pilot started the engine again. Everybody on board heaved a deep sigh of relief. We landed safely at last. I had to cancel my return ticket to Moscow and I wait until the weather back to normal. From that time on I have never travelled by air when the weather is bad.

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