An Accident I Have Witnessed

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An accident I have witnessed
Normally, it is through the newspapers that we get to know about an accident. It is quite rare that we witness an accident ourselves. About 5 years back, I was a witness to a bus accident which is still so fresh in my mind. I was sitting in a restaurant along with my parents. The restaurant was on the first floor and we could see the busy Western Express Highway from the window. I was watching the cars, buses, and trucks speeding by. Just then I saw a bus trying to overtake another bus, but the gap was a bit narrow. The bus driver lost control and his bus hit the divider. It ran on the divider for a few seconds and then to my horror, it overturned. “Oh God,” I shouted. The overturned bus skidded and stopped in the middle of the road. My father too was watching the incident as it happened. He immediately called the Police and Ambulance from his cell phone. Meanwhile a huge rush had gathered near the overturned bus. Luckily there were only a few passengers in the bus who started coming out of the bus from the emergency window one by one. They were all hurt and some of them were bleeding. The public helped them come out of the bus and made them sit on one side. There was a huge traffic jam behind the overturned bus. There was complete chaos. In about 15 minutes, the police came followed by two ambulances. The police tried to clear the traffic and the ambulance picked up the injured passengers and took them to a nearby hospital. In the mean time we had finished our snacks and left the restaurant. Next day morning I read about the accident and saw the pictures in the newspaper. The police were able to arrest the driver of the bus who had earlier vanished from the scene. The driver was drunk at the time of accident. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. Although the accident happened about 5 years back, whenever I think of it, the entire scene comes alive in my mind as if I am watching a movie.  
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