Family Vacation

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Lying out in a cabana by the beach, overlooking the crystal clear, blue water and feeling the cool ocean breeze run through my hair. My imagination had taken over my mind, as my mother told my sisters and me that we were going to Cancun for our very first family vacation. I was thrilled to say the least; my joy had no boundaries as I expressed my excitement for this trip. I had never been on any vacation before so I was determined to make this one memorable. My only focus on this trip was to have an amazing time in Cancun. Never once did I expect to meet all the obstacles that came along with this trip: flight cancellations, long layovers, and a late arrival. However, good or bad, nothing was going to ruin this vacation for me and I was going to make this trip, one for the books.

It was 3 a.m on a Saturday morning. My mother came in to wake us up. It was finally the day I had been waiting for. I had never been so excited to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning in my life. We had finally arrived at the airport and boarded our first flight to Mexico City. When we had arrived in Mexico we were exhausted from the flight and realized we still had one more three hour flight, then paradise. We went to wait in line to start checking in our bags for our flight. As we were waiting, an hour went by; then, two hours passed, finally, we heard an announcement. We all paused and listened. “Flight 36 to Cancun is cancelled until tomorrow afternoon.” We were all devastated and worried, what do we do? Where would we stay?

My mother thankfully had a backup plan. “We will stay with my cousins they don’t live too far from here”. I had no clue who or what she was talking about, but none the less we caught a taxi and made our way to her cousin’s house. When we pulled up to this little home, we were greeted outside with big hugs and kisses. I had never met these people, but they had acted as they knew me for all my life, I had never felt more welcomed. As we walked inside, I noticed...
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