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Elaine Benes

friend. This designates a strong message that understanding differences which Lysandra could not do, results in tolerance as Elaine had to do. Later on in the two’s broken friendship, Lysandra tries to take revenge on Elaine by stealing her boyfriend. When Lysandra grew older she became a famous writer but her writing and poetry contained bitterness that Elaine had to tolerate. Elaine had to tolerate this because Lysandra did not want to understand the differences. In conclusion, people do not want...

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Analysis of a Current TV Comedy Show, Seinfeld.

that contribute to the show's comic effectiveness as a whole. It is Jerry's ex, Elaine Benes, (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) who provides so much more than merely the token female perspective to the show's principle four characters. Not only does she contribute her own parade of bad dates and workplace sagas, Elaine is a character known for her outrageous dancing and her ability to say it like it is. Although Elaine is often used for a female outlook on the plot lines, many of the episodes revolve...

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Soup Nazi

would not have treated my customers in that manner because it's just not the right way to go about treating people and when it comes to your business; keeping the customers coming back is what keeps your business going. And due to his rude behavior, Elaine published his soup recipes and ended his career as the "Soup Nazi". In America, this way of behaving is not culturally right, the man known as the "Soup Nazi" was not American, which is why they played on the title "Nazi". Because Seinfeld is...

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Conformity In The 1950s

“the perfect family”; that life was perfect. Other historians believe that the 1950s was a time for deviancy; they believe that most parents could not control their rebellious teenagers. Elaine Tyler May convincingly and compelling argues that a culture of conformity developed and took root in the 1950s. In Elaine Tyler May’s book, Homeward Bound, May backs up the idea that 1950s America was a time for conformity. In a chapter from her book, “Men and Women: Life in the Nuclear Cocoon”, May discusses...

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Not Anything

episode of Seinfeld titled The Pitch, in which he discusses the idea of nothing as being a much more complex notion than just an empty experience with no actual value. They illustrate this idea with Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, and Elaine Benes, when they spend countless days doing “nothing”. The time they spend doing nothing is filled with interesting dialogue, while mostly comic, it still portrays a further importance that affects their personal thoughts and daily motives. Through the...

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Pragmatic Analysis of Seinfeld's the Contest

talking about that sexual activity. In fact, they never mention the word “masturbation”, therefore the reference is exophoric (e.g.: it is not present in the text): GEORGE: (Vowing) Well, I'll tell you this, though - I am never doing... that, again. ELAINE: What, you mean, in your mother's house, or altogether? GEORGE: (Definite) Altogether. The use of “that” in this dialogue refers clearly to what George was doing at his mother’s house, which is already known by the viewers. Another similar example...

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Anything Is Possible

Elaine has sued Jerry because Jerry fired her. Elaine was on the job for two months. The job offer letter she had been given mentioned the great career opportunities at the company and stated that her annual salary would be $30,000. The employer is an employment at will employer. Elaine was given no reason for the termination. After the termination, Jerry hired a man named Kramer, who had less job experience and education than Elaine, for the position. Elaine has sued to get her job back. The result...

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Seinfeld Analysis

really a work in progress according to those who were there(Sauter, 2002). The characters were underdeveloped, the plot was all over the place and the network never expected positive feed back from the burn out slot. Kramer was named Kessler, and Elaine was not even invented yet. And as often happens in television history, there was no rhyme or reason for it to happen, but it did. The network had stumbled across a gold mine of success (Sauter, 2002). The critics went wild following the first...

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Elaine of Astolat

Elaine of Astolat Elaine was the beautiful daughter of Sir Bernard of Astolat. She was also known as “Elaine the White,” Elaine the Fair,” “Lily Maid of Astolat,” and Lady of Shalott. Her two brothers, Sir Lavaine and Sir Torre, called her “Elaine the Lovable,” and it was the name she liked best of all (“Elaine of Astolat/Lady of Shalott”). Elaine received the name of “Lily Maid of Astolat” from the people who lived around the area because they would see her walk pass their windows in her white...

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Tim Rice

when working with different people. Timothy Rice was born November 10, 1944, in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Jane McIntosh in 1974 and had Eva and Donald. However, Rice’s marriage broke up in the 1980s after he had an affair with Elaine Paige. At Desmond Elliot’s suggestion Rice retired from law and arranged a meeting with Andrew Lloyd Webber about writing lyrics for Webber. When Rice and Webber were introduced in 1964 they made a good team (Newmark 18). Rice came up with the idea...

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