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Bangalore to Ooty Trip I thought it will be helpful to write a travelouge for my trip to some of those who wish to plan a trip to Ooty from Bangalore by a self driven car. Before planning my trip, I tried to search the net for some experiences but all those could not give me a confidence and some of them even discouraged me to go ahead with the trip. The fear was due to descriptions of a dense forest , wild animals and hill driving especially with hair-pin bends. Yet we started this trip along with my...

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Trip to the Beach

Matt Stewart D3 A Trip to the Beach The place that is peaceful in its own ways. It is the place to go to get away from our jobs and everyday duties. It is the place where we can sit and think the best. A place where nothing matters but what is in that little moment. This place is called the beach. A trip to the beach can be successful if you make the right preparations and find activities to do during the day and night. The beach can be a fun adventure, but there are a lot of preparations that...

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Mission Trip

MISSION TRIP July came more quickly than I had planned. Before I knew it, it was time to go on the mission trip I had nonchalantly signed up for at church over the winter. Even after going to the informational meeting about the trip to North Dakota, I was still less than enthusiastic. I had Signed up only as a favor to my parents so I could put some more volunteer hours on my college applications. I was disappointed to find out that only one of my friends was coming on the trip and all...

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Senior Trip

Bishop Ben Hardy English 111 February 5, 2013   Senior Trip When my senior year came, I knew I had a trip of a lifetime to look forward to. A trip that gave me a chance to experience the big city life and get away from the mountains for a week. I had looked forward to this trip my whole high school career and could not believe it came and went so quickly; I could not believe that my Senior class went to New York and Washington. My senior trip was an experience that I had never dreamed of. This...

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Trip to London

As January 3rd approaches, there are many different expectations, questions, and concerns about my trip to London. I have only traveled outside of the United States twice in my life. Both times that I stepped out of my comfort zone I was accompanied by my father so I never really felt that I was away from home. I hope that this trip helps me grow as both a student and a traveler, but most of all, as a person. While I am very excited to see the different history and attractions London has to offer...

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fishing trip

Is there anything better than a good fishing trip? I mean, really? I get to fish fairly often and it’s always fun to be out on the water. But, there are fishing trips and then there are FISHING TRIPS! Well, last week I had one of those trips for the memory books. The kind of trip you love to talk about and show pictures to all your friends until they are green with envy. I had the pleasure of fishing with a local fishing celebrity, Gary Finch. Gary and I met not too long ago at a meeting where...

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Trip to Coorg

A refreshing trip to COORG- Scotland of India Last month I planned for a 3 day trip to Coorg in Karnataka, which is also known as KODAGU. I collected all related information about trip from friends and internet. I was very excited as it was my first trip in South India & it was my birthday too, but sudden heavy rain and bad weather forecast ruined all plans. Due to nonstop rain for more than 30 hours in Bangalore, we were forced to postpone the trip which resulted in many trip members backing...

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A Trip to Malacca

22nd of May, my college arranged a one day trip to Malacca. The objective of the trip was to learn about science at the Malacca Planetarium and to interview tourists. We started out journey to Malacca at 7.30a.m. by bus. On the way to Malacca, unfortunately, the bus I was on has a technical problem thus it delayed our journey. The bus driver went in and out of the bus. Everyone panicked and was worried about the trip. We prayed to Allah that the trip would go smoothly. Finally after 20 minutes...

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Mission Trip

The most unforgettable voyage in my life thus far, is a weeklong mission trip that I took with my church youth group. This is a very memorable time for me for two reasons imparticularly. The first reason is because it was my first mission trip, of any sort, away from home. The second reason is because it was the week that I heard shocking news about a family member of mine. This mission trip took place during the beginning of the summer after my sophmore year in high school. My church youth...

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Trip Memory

somewhere. A beach trip in the summer was always a good idea for us who lived far away from the sea. Hence, my cousins and I made a plan to go to Hawks bay Beach in Karachi on the Fourth of July. The trip was such an unforgettable vacation for me with many different emotions such as happiness because of saving a person, fear before the dead and interest in the beauty of nature. Sometimes, when I recall, everything seemed to have just happened yesterday. We were very excited about this trip because this...

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