A Description of the Process of Kaizen or Continuous Improvement

Topics: Better, Management, Process management Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: December 16, 2010
Continuous improvement is a process of the seeking of small improvements in processes and products, with the objective of increasing quality and reducing waste. Continuous improvement is one of the tools that underpin the philosophies of total quality management and lean production. Through constant study and revision of processes, a better product can result at reduced cost. Kaizen (the translation of kai (“change”) zen (“good”) is “improvement” or “change for the better”) has become a foundation for many continuous improvement strategies, and for many employees it is synonymous with continuous improvement. In continuous improvement involved all employees of Corus. Continuous improvement starts with management and under their leadership works down through the organization. Everyone is responsible and has a part to play in making improvements. All employees must work together to identify the steps needed to improve working practices. Visual management techniques such as flow chars and wall charts make clear what resources are necessary and who is responsible for each part in the process.

2. . Corus is developing the team work environment – it means that all parts of company are working together “in a team”. Every employee should think about the way he work, and to be able to be resistant to old ways of working. The key was getting the teams and individuals and promote new ways of working. Every employee empowered to take responsibility and make their own decisions. Corus established 5 year plan for the programme of introducing change. They expected that: In 2007 workers will be resistant to changes and CI coaches will be responsible for the changes (CI coaches). In 2008 workers will be adoptive to new ideas (Champions and change managers). In 2009 employees will accept to apply new methods (Manufacturing and process managers). In 2010 they will recognise the benefits of change (Team leaders). In 2011 all ideas will be fully...
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