Topics: Old age, Death, Ageism Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Experience comes with time. Old people have already experienced the good and the bad that life has to offer them. If young people can learn from their experiences, they can handle difficult situations in their life with ease. But with time comes the generation gap also. People with growing age can’t do things which the young people can do without getting tried or catching their breath. Consider for example, old people can’t go out for mountain climbing or river rafting because their body’s muscles go weak with the growing age. Personally speaking, i believe that young people enjoy life more than older people. To begin with, young people can go out and hang around with their friends. They have better stamina as compared with older people. Older people generally prefer at home. By way of example, I can recall the time when i was living with my family in New Delhi. My grandmother never used to go and hang around with my family. She usually preferred to stay at home. She did not have the stamina to go for a walk or to accompany us on any tracking expedition. In addition to going out and have fun with friends, young people have fewer responsibilities than older people. Young people are dependent on their elders. It’s important to consider finances these days. We need money to buy a house, rent a car, and pay up for insurance. Our elders take care about these responsibilities. Young people are more involved in building their career and they care less about any of these issues. They do not have any burden on them and thus enjoy life more than older people. Finally, young people have less health related issues. Old people are less inoculated to diseases. Their body is weak and less stamina. Older people are prone to health related issues like fracture, myopia, hypertension, memory loss. Young people can also suffer from these problems. However, the probability of these health issues grips the young people is quite less. In considering the argument whether young people...
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