Getting Older

Topics: Ageism, Old age, Retirement Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Getting older -
Almost all people say that getting older is bad in some terms, but at the same time awesome because of the wisdom older people have. But at any rate there are some advantages and disadvantages to discuss. Well, I’m young yet so it’s difficult to me write about this topic. But I think one of the advantages is old people are always giving you advises, and they have a lot of stories to tell you because of their experiences of life and it’s even better when they have grandchild. Other pro is that elderly people are respected by almost all people. It’s a fact that in ethnic groups the most respected people was the oldest ones. Moreover there is a plus that I consider one of the better, they have a lot of benefits in health care, pension, benefits to buy some things cheaper, and activities in group that allow them to travel. Nevertheless, when there are good things, there are bad things too. I think getting older have more disadvantages than advantages. First of all, they begin to have physical, psychological changes and deterioration. For example: they forget some things faster than young people, they have less energy so they’re limited physically. But not all senior people have those problems so when they want to find a job, they can’t because they’re discriminated against their age even if they are good physically and psychological. And that’s a really disadvantage because maybe that makes them less important. Last of all, the mood of elderly people. They can be nice and lovely, but they change easily and the most of the time they can be grumpy. In conclusion, although some people think that getting older is awful. I think it isn’t that bad because wisdom it’s given by the time at least in most people, so, from my point of view the older you are the more stories you have to tell to your grandchild and if you are a healthy person now you can be healthy for a long time, and sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have wrinkles, it only matters your spirit...
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