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By Ale Ale-Soto Apr 19, 2015 283 Words
ENGLISH V – Writing Task II

Have you ever “planted marigolds” when life seems especially disappointing? Have you seen someone else create beauty to alter a grim landscape? (250 words) When facing something difficult, people tend to “plant marigolds” and tend to keep looking ahead without being absorb by any sad situation. Some years ago, Lucas, one of my friends, used to look a bit down in the mouth because his mother had had a car accident and had been badly injured. As all the doctors told him that there were just few possibilities for his mother to recover, he started to have a face like a wet weekend and to feel disappointed because he couldn’t do anything for his mother. All of Lucas’ friends were constantly telling him that he was aisled from the world as he was spending so much time in the hospital just doing nothing: it was no healthy for him. At the beginning, he did not hear us because he wanted to sacrifice everything for her mother but as time passed by, he figured out that he was starting to feel bad and very depress and letting the whole situation to consume him After some months, her mother started to feel better and the doctors told Lucas that she was not longer in danger and that it was a matter of days for his mother to improve her own health. Due to this, he started to realize that when someone is dealing with a hard situation like the one he had to go through, instead of being consumed by sadness, the best solution is not to be consumed by the circumstance and not to be down in the dumps.

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