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Topics: A Streetcar Named Desire, Stella Kowalski, Stanley Kowalski Pages: 4 (1207 words) Published: August 24, 2013
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Written Task Assignment
Writing diary entries from Blanche's point of view about her emotions toward Stanley : A streetcar named desire

In part 4 of our english course, we study and analyze famous literature works such as Shakespear's "Othello" and Tennessee Williams's "A Streetcar Named Desire". For this written task, we have to choose an imaginative way of exploring an apsect of the material we have studied. In other words, it is a creative assignment regarding an aspect or theme of either "Othello" or "A Streetcar Named Desire".

I have chosen to explore the character of Blanche by writing diary entries in which Blanche begins to be delusional due to Stanley's actions towards her and how this makes her feel towards Stanley. Looking at both characters, we can see that both of them are opposites of each other. Blanche, coming from a wealthy family and also from the south, has a higher status and therefore expects men to treat women with respect because this is what she experienced during most of her life. On the other hand, Stanley, coming from new orleans, but representing the new American, shows a obvious difference in character from Blanche. Stanley is portrayed as a brute, having power over both female and ,in a sense, male characters too. By writing diary entries from Blanche's point of view, we are able to see the difference between the cultures from south and the new America ,the difference of social status affecting how Blanche treats Stanley.

Dear diary,

Upon arriving at Elysian fields, the first thought that came to my mind: I must have taken the wrong streetcar! Oh how can this be where my dear sister, Stella, lives? After being brought up by the wealth of our great family, I had great expectations in my head! After the loss of belle reve - the struggling, all those deaths - I had to endure - it has made me as weak as the crumbling walls of an...
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