Calyx and Corolla

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Calyx and Corolla
By Rajesh Naidu

Calyx and Corolla

The present analysis of the case Calyx and Corolla, a mail order flower retail company is rather a descriptive one without leading to any conclusion and finding any causative reasons. The present case is analysed and presented in various sections encompassing the organisation and its management, the relationships with the key players – how it led to its success, its growth in terms of volumes and profits. A comparative study has been given evaluating the efficiencies of the traditional supply chain and the innovative route that has been followed by Calyx and Corolla. Economics of these supply chains have been provide wherever necessary. Strengths of the company are provided along with its completive advantages under various sections. In all it give an overlook of how an effective and innovative idea fruited into robust organisation over the years.


“Nature provides people with a simple way to improve emotional health - flowers. The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions heighten feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behaviour in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.” People therefore grow flowers around their homes, dedicate entire parts of their living space to flower gardens, pick wildflowers, or buy flowers from florists who depend on an entire network of commercial growers and shippers to support their trade. One such effort is made by Ms. Ruth Owades which has rooted into a successful mail order flower retail company, the Calyx and Corolla. Calyx and Corolla (Here onwards refer to as C&C) is a mail order flower retail company started by Ruth Owades, a graduate of Harvard Business Scholl. The business operates through linking the consumer with Growers and, through Federal Express, growers with consumers. Owing to the perishable nature of flowers, efficient distribution is the key to flower industry. The key success of the company is the resultant of its ability to reduce the time very substantially between harvest and till flowers reaches the consumer’s door. The present analysis of the case Calyx and Corolla concentrates on its success and the factors responsible for the same. Here we have concentrated on three factors which really helped the company grow over the years vis-a-vis; a.Organisation and its management

1.Top management
2.Middle management
3.Field staff
1.With the customers
2.With the growers
3.With the logistics partners
c.Growth of the organisation
2. The organisation

2.1 President- Ms Ruth Owdes

C&C was the brainchild of Ms Ruth Owades who is a lady with good leadership qualities and determination. She was a graduate from Harvard and worked with CML group as Director of marketing. This experience in addition to her skills spurred her in starting C&C as a mail order business loaded with innovations. Before C&C she had launched “Gardner’s Eden” which was very successful as a business. Later she sold it off to Williams Sonoma. C&C came into existence in 1993. Ms Ruth has been successful in attracting the best possible talent for her new venture. Her team comprises of quite young, energetic and innovative people who were talented and experienced as well.

2.2 Vice-president of operations- Mr.Fran Wilson

He was also a Harvard graduate and former employee of Williams –Sonata. His role was to create a unique yet crucial systems related to the operational part of the business like supply chain management, logistics etc that made the business to catch up with the demand. He was also responsible for customer order and service day to day communications with growers, systems development and management, finance and marketing. 2.3 Vice president of marketing- Mr. Ann Hyes Lee

Lee was a veteran in the catalogue business. She had spent almost twenty years in the industry as a catalogue seller of both home goods...
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