Topics: Gratification, Koi Kaze, Green Pages: 1 (571 words) Published: March 18, 2014
There is very real conflict between the values of the police and of the bohemian marijuana smoker. For whereas the policeman values upright masculinity, deferred gratification, sobriety and respectability, the bohemian embraces values concerned with overt expressivity in behavior and clothes, and the pursuit if pleasure unrelated to – and indeed distaining – work. The bohemian in fact threatens the reality of policeman. He lives without work, he pursues pleasure without deferred gratification, he enters sexual relationships without undergoing the obligations of marriage, he dresses freely in a world where uniformity in clothing is seen as a mark of responsibility and reliability. The sun has just sunk below the horizon and a gentle breeze caresses one’s face. The muddy water of Soochow Creek, transformed to a golden green, flowed quietly westward. The evening tide from the Whangpoo had turned imperceptibly, and now the assortments of boats along both sides of the creek were riding high, their decks some six inches above the landing stages. Faint strains of music were borne on the wind from the riverside park, punctuated by the sharp, cheerful patter of kettledrums.

Under a sunset-mottled sky, the towering framework of Garden Bridge was mantled in a gathering mist. Whenever a tram passed over the bridge, the overhead cable suspended below the top of the steel frame threw off bright, greenish spark. Looking east, one could see the warehouses of foreign firms on the waterfront of Pootung like huge monsters crouching in the gloom, their lights twinkling like countless tiny eyes. To the west, one saw with a shock of wonder on the roof of a building a gigantic neon sign in flaming red and phosphorescent green: Green, Heat, Power!

明讽(direct satire)
多以第一人称(first person)发言,训诲读者或书中人物,此聆听者被称为"对手",有如中国相声中的搭档,一搭一唱,让讲话者畅所欲言,尽讽刺之能事。古罗马时代的贺拉斯(Horace,65.-8B.C.)及尤维纳利斯(Juvenal,c.65-c.140)均为著名讽刺诗人,故两人的作品又称为贺拉斯式讽刺(Horatian satire)及朱文纳尔式讽刺(Juvenalian satire);惟前者温和,后者刻薄。...
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