Continuous Writing

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SPM 1119/1 Continuous Writing - Write a story beginning with "Tia was nervous as she opened the envelope..."

Tia was nervous as she opened the envelope the contents of which might change her life forever. Her hands were shaking and trembling so much so that she dropped it on the floor. Her parents looked at her anxiously. Madam Rita, her mother, had tears in her eyes; she felt helpless as she watched Tia opening the medical report.

Tia took out the letter and stood stock still after reading it. Tears welled in her eyes. She was devastated and slumped to the floor as soon as she comprehended that she had a tumour in her brain. The tunour was malignant and was at stage three. Her parents' were broken hearted Tia their only daughter had contracted this dreaded disease. They went to the best doctors and consulted them but they told them there was nothing they could do to help.

Tia felt as if her world was falling apart. Her 17 years of life would soon end in just about three months' time. As she went home, she cried to sleep in the car on her mother's lap. She could not believe that this might be the only chance to spend time with her mother and father. Before falling asleep, she whispered to her mother, "I love you, mummy." She said this to her mother in case she might not awake forever. Both her parents felt sad and depressed; her mother sobbed uncontrollably as if her heart was shattering into a million pieces. She did not have the will to see her only daughter die at this young age. Her heart ached and she could not do anything but pray that a miracle would happen.

The next day, Tia went to school. She sat in the middle of her group of best friends. They were all anxious to know about her well-being. Tia dropped the bombshell on them. All of them fell silent. Her friends Mei Ting, Lavitha and Zarita broke down into a flood of tears whereas the male friends looked hapless, at a loss for words and their mouths were gaping. They were looking at her...
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