Writing Style Per Image

Topics: 2003 singles, Vision, Psychology Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: June 23, 2013
The picture that best describes my writing is the image with three men with an incline arrow and a decline arrow. I see myself as this image (one man on top full of confidence and great ideas who has a big vision and a complete game plan in mind and sees himself going places, meeting goals and deadlines and then to men on the bottom pulling my ideas and confidence down faster than I can get on paper). I have always felt like my mind is going a million miles a minute with ideas and at the time I will be very excited about it, but when it comes to sitting down and putting it in writing, my lack of confidence and knowledge about writing accurately will start me thinking about others judging me, therefore I see the two people on the bottom pulling my ideas down and because I could not get to paper what I was actually thinking in my head, by the time it gets to paper it is not what I first envisioned. I have done this in my own life or even went as far as given others my ideas to run with, because of lack of confidence, so this picture really spoke to me about what my writing process is now and what I hope to gain from this class. The image that I hope will describe my writing process at the end of this class is the tree, because to me this represents growth and new beginnings. When the tree symbolizes my new writing process, I will be able to have the confidence and knowledge to take my own visions, put them to paper and run with it. I hope to learn new traits of this writing process that will help me to gain strength in this area. As I continue to look at the picture with the three men, one advantage I do see is the man on top even though he lacks the confidence to feel like he is on top others may already see him this way and he just doesn't realize that. I hope by learning my writing process and the areas I need to develop that someday I can have the confidence to put my ideas down on paper as fast as they come to my mind. I am excited about what the future...
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