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Topics: English language, Choice, Hong Kong, Diploma, Secondary education, Trip / Pages: 1 (299 words) / Published: Apr 26th, 2014
The objective of this research report is to examine the attitudes towards working holiday among students of College. The survey was conducted at Hong Kong campuses. A total of 500 copies of questionnaire were distributed within March and the response rate is 100%.
As this project examines the attitudes towards working holiday among young adults, our target group is the students aged between 18 and 25 study in college (see Figure 1.1). A large proportion of respondents are females (see Figure 1.2). And the highest education level of most respondents is Associate Degree/Higher Diploma Degree (see Figure 1.3).
A majority of respondents are without experience. The questionnaire is divided into two parts. The first 11 questions are for respondents with working holiday experience while the later 7 questions are for respondents without experience. Besides distributing the questionnaire, secondary research was conducted to gain more insights about issues. The supporting data are also collected from online electronic sources.

Preferred destination for working holiday
Before having a working holiday, it is important to choose an ideal destination for the trip. For most Hong Kong young people, English speaking countries possibly may be their first choice. Regarding the students surveyed, forms Figure 2.3, a majority of respondents who without actual experience prefers to have their working holiday in Australia and Britain. It could be suggested that respondents who without actual experience threat having working holiday as a trip to improve their English skills and a tool to communicate with local people. It is consistent with answers from respondents who have working holiday experience. All of them choose Australia as their destination. Also, this is consistent with the result of Q8 of the questionnaire regarding the reasons of choosing a place for working holiday, in which around 70% of respondents who with actual experience rank culture as a main factor for their

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