Work Teams

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Development Team:
One of the most important things to keep in mind when assembling work teams is team efficacy. Team efficacy is basically where effective teams have confidence in them and each other in the ability to succeed. Everyone that will be a part of this developmental team will have to come together and agree on what is best for the subject at hand. You will have to come in agreement with one another to work effectively as a team. Working as a team will create positive synergy that will allow an increase in performance. Having the correct work team established will also allow an easier and more organized work environment. When members know their role and what is expected of them, their job becomes easier.

To create an effective team, you will need to be able to function and work together while displaying certain characteristics. Those characteristics are as follows: Adequate resources – must have adequate amounts of resources outside of the group to sustain it. You must have support on a variety of levels. In this case your support would be from the different jobs each of you holds in your development group. Those of you from the school system can provide classrooms, teachers and first hand encounters with students. Those of you with NCPIE can provide outside eyes looking in. Diversity, racial, ethnic, gender and disability issues are your main concerns. Lastly, those with The Woodson Foundation can provide logistical support, program development and measurement of the staff. The next characteristic you must show would be leadership and structure. You must be able to agree on who can perform what duties to the best of their abilities. Your team’s performance depends on the knowledge and skills of its members.

From the list of possible candidates, those I feel that would be able to adapt to the thoughts and ideas of others with the outcome being that of a successful program are listed in no particular order. I would appoint...
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