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Topics: Idea, Gender role, IDeaS Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: November 30, 2012
HECS 1100 Learning Together, Working Together|
Learning Set Assessment Task
By Jodie Brown, Carole Fawcett, Debbie Fairhurst, Helena Judge, Helena Bonallie and Hannah Crowther|

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Learning Set Poster Assessment Task

Within the Learning Together Working Together tutorials we were assigned to a group and given the task of designing an A4 poster which communicated information to a specific target group. The project the group chose was an A4 poster on ‘Recognising stress in carers’ aimed at carers. The group interpreted the brief as non-paid carers having someone dependent upon them such as a mother caring for her baby or a young person caring for an elderly relative.

The group originally chose the project on respect towards older people aimed at 15-19 year olds however, following a group discussion decided to change the project to recognising stress in carers. This was because the group felt that the carers topic was currently highlighted in the media and there was a large volume of literature available from a variety of sources. The group also felt that the respect towards elders project was quite a broad topic which could be interpreted in many different ways which may have been challenging to convey on a poster. The group preferred a poster over a leaflet as they felt it could reach a wider audience when placed anywhere rather than someone having to physically collect a leaflet. The group also thought a poster would be more eye catching, easier to read and concise for stressed busy carers who wouldn’t want to read large volumes of text. 152 words

Initially the group did not assign specific roles to individual members as the group was only in the Forming stage (Tuckman1965), therefore, each member carried out their own individual research, gaining more knowledge on carers and the impact of stress. The team thought that different research approaches would cover all areas and allow equal input and workload from all...
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