Mgt 311

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Riordan Manufacturing – Team Strategy Plan

Part I. Team Strategy Plan Being part of a group of newly hired team the Superintendents at Riordan Manufacturing believes in trusting teams; also, this is the key way to suppling work duties and completing a job on time. Teams will start to develop from present employees and some will be new hire. This purpose of the teams is to begin production of the newly designed CardiCare Valve heart valves at the Pontiac Michigan provision. The objective of this team strategy plan is to identify strategies available to build the teams. In addition, there are challenges or barriers that may occur. Then we must know how to determine the best strategy and discussed. Finally, to ensure effectiveness, certain procedures that had to be taken to determine each team’s success.

There are many strategies to bring into play in creating successful teams. After selecting team members, the superintendents will have to agree on what strategies are helpful in team building. Than their will have to be a leader, so creating a leader for the teams will build certain members of the team so they will know what his or her role is, and the workload can be evenly distributed. An excellent leader will distribute workers skills and put a person into the right job task within the team. Some team building strategies will make sure that the groups who make up your production work together as a team towards the same goal. Having understanding by empowering and creating a sense of belonging in your teams, it will have formed a successful team that works hard to achieve the best success. Having clear expectations are one of the solutions and characteristics of a successful team. This is a clear job description of every team member; every team member has to know his or her role he or she is expected to play in the company, as well as the roles of the other team members. Allocating roles because the teams will consist of current employees

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