Mgt 215
Topics: Wireless, World Trade Organization, International trade, Wireless network, Bluetooth, Nikola Tesla / Pages: 4 (1221 words) / Published: Apr 22nd, 2014

Ho Cheuk Yuen
MGT 215.
Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Assignment 1
7 April, 2014

1) Select a technology from 1850 to the present. Describe how it has affected productivity

A technology that comes to mind is server virtualization. We use them every day in the government as we work toward going green, lower cost, increasing productivity. Since the migration to the virtual servers we were able to cut paper files by ¾. We use a digital contract file now instead of a 6 pile folder with hundreds of page. Another reason the army has choosing to go this way is so it can spread the cost of maintenance and repair across several customers with shared servers. This results in a lower price per base. Then there is the Virtual conference, which saves millions of dollar. Now you’re asking how this affect productivity does well with virtual contract files any base has access to them with save on efficiencies, be abilities to collaborate with like minds to gain more knowledge, also to form comradely.

2)Identify the transformation that takes place in a restaurant.

In a restaurant you are buying a meal but also the environment and the service. In many cases the value of inputs is measured in financial terms, which is say that organizations aim to make a profit like the Hard Rock Café. To increase efficiency managers are always seeking ways of producing more with the same level of inputs or producing the same amount with fewer inputs. Some ways to improve the productivity in the service-sector are changing working practices, investing in new technology like the ERP, motivating and inspiring staff more effectively and changing the way items are produced (Heizer & Render, 2005). With the use of ERP restaurants wastage should be reduced at all stages of the production process. It includes Just in Time production in which items are produced to order rather than in advance (Heizer & Render, 2005). Lean production also includes a

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