MGT 304

Topics: Thought, Idea, Investment Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: September 26, 2014

Case 1-1. Welcome to the World of 21st-Century HRM
1. Angie does have the right to say what she wants to on her face book page or her blogs. She has that right because it’s simply freedom of speech she can post or say whatever it is that she wants. 2. If what she posted harmed the company or its reputation in some way my answer without a doubt would change. 3. If she gave out confidential information about new products or services my answer would change as well that could hurt the company in a major way and that would require some major consequences. 4. It is legal for the company to terminate an employee because of something they did away from work. 5. In the circumstances listed those would be reasons to be terminated because they would cause harm to the company and may also harm their reputation in some way. Another circumstance would be if an employee was posting bad things about their boss or other employees. 6. No I don’t think that she has any legal recourse. She was completely in the wrong and she had to face the consequences of her actions.

Case 2-1. Building Up Our Assets: DHR Construction
1. Davis and Hodgett’s business plan was focused Niche. The driving forces for their planning were supplier power, threat of substitutes, buyer power, and threat of new entrants. 2. The retirement plan for Davis and Hodgetts’s was to invest into the stock market. The strategy changed because David and Hodgetts need to raise additional funds for investment reasons and decided to finish off the basements in the properties and re-mortgage and get out more money. 3. Davis and Hodgetts used focus and Niche. Davis students thought that they could cut out the middle man if they built their own homes. And they were convinced that backward integrating their operation by building homes to be purchased by D&H Management as rentals as well as for public consumption was a good idea. 4. The biggest problem Davis and Hodgetts would have with cost...
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