3171 Lead And Manage A Team Within A Health And Social Care Setting

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1.1 Explain the features of effective team performance
Tuckman (1965) suggests that understanding is required in order for teams to reach maturity. Tuckman phases of team development are: Forming
And later he added Adjourning.

1.2 Identify the challenges experienced by developing teams
Team development often requires organisational change and some staff are fearful of change and worried about working with people they do not know. Personality clashes sometimes may become issues. It is important when developing teams to recruit staff with the relevant skills and expertise required and new team members should be inducted in a way that they understand the team working principles and what their roles are so they can quickly fit in as part of the team. 1.3 Identify the challenges experienced by established teams Established teams can become complacent and it is important to maintain enthusiasm and momentum. It is important any conflicts are resolved quickly, fairly and appropriately and that staff have regular performance reviews so they are clear on how they are performing and credit is given for good performance and also for good team working. 1.4 Explain how challenges to effective team performance can be overcome It can be difficult to maintain effective team performance. It is important to select and support appropriate people who are capable of sharing the organisational goals and who are committed to the service outcomes. It is important providers are transparent about their values and communicate a clear vision of what their teams are expected to achieve in a reasonable timescale. 1.5 Analyse how different management styles may influence outcomes of team performance Management styles can be divided into three main categories of autocratic, paternalistic or democratic and they reflect the ways managers make decisions relating to their subordinates. A leader can be anyone in a team that has the ability to influence others. As teams mature and develop confidence the style of management and leadership will change to enable team members to take on the leadership functions themselves. Within my organisation team leaders are developed to successfully run each shift. 1.6 "Analyse methods of developing and maintaining:

1.6a trust & 1.6b accountability
People who arrange their own care through the use of personal budges and direct payments may be particularly vulnerable when they have to employ their own team to deliver services. Enabling Excellence (Dept of Health 2011) sets out to propose a system of assured voluntary registration for unregistered workers. Service users may be vulnerable and they will need to have confidence in the teams that provide their services. The primary focus of a leader is to establish trust and this arises from character and competence. Staff registered with professional bodies will have systems of accountability. 1.7 Compare methods of addressing conflict within a team

Conflicts and arguments may occur within teams, particularly at key times in the year (eg during summer holidays or at Christmas time with staff having young families who want time off. The workload or the type of work, possibly with challenging service users can be stressful, along with unsociable or long working hours. This can all lead to stress within the staff members. Conflict can be an inevitable result of working in a team but it must not be left to get out of hand. Sometime disputes can be viewed as a positive allowing teams to discuss issues and work better together supporting one another and focussing on positive outcomes for the service users.

Fisher and Ury (1983) argue that most disputes can be resolved with principled negotiation. They suggest a four stage process: Separate people from the problem
Focus on interests rather than positions
Generate a variety of options
Insist that the agreement can be based on the above criteria It is important for a manager to...
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