Riordan Manufactoring - Team Strategy2

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Riordan Manufacturing – Team Strategy Plan


Riordan Manufacturing – Team Strategy Plan

Superintendents at Riordan Manufacturing believe teams are an essential way to distribute job duties and complete a task on time. Teams will begin to form from current employees and some new hire. The objective of the teams is to start production of the newly designed CardiCare Valve at the Pontiac Michigan facility. The purpose of this paper is to identify strategies available to form the teams. In addition there are challenges or barriers that may happen. Also how to determine the best strategy will be discussed. Last, to ensure effectiveness, certain measures were taken to determine each team’s success. Strategies

There are many strategies to use in creating successful teams. After selecting team members the superintendents agree on five strategies useful in team formation. Leadership Creation
Creating a leader within the teams will ensure members of the team know what his or her role is and workload can be evenly distributed. Historically teams cannot function properly without agreeing to these terms (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 319). A good leader will distribute people’s skills and put the person in the correct job function within the team. Allocating Roles

Because the teams will consist of veterans within the company and new hires it is important to establish roles for each team member. The veterans of the company will be given key roles in the project because of their ability and experience. The new hires initially will take on supporting roles in the formation of the team. Diversity of Team Members

Because the team is so diverse with employment length and demographics of the members, the superintendents see an advantage to exploit. Creativity should occur based on the individual’s differences. Individual’s that realize another member has more expertise tend to show support of those members, which leads to a more effective team...

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