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What are the advantages of having diversity on a team? What challenges might the team face because of diversity? Having diversity on a team allows for a more creative and productive team. Each team member has their own point of views, experience, and skills. This allows more than one method to completing a particular task. Challenges a diverse team may face is discrimination, lack of understanding or miscommunication within the team. Lack of understanding and miscommunication may be because of cultural and language barriers. Some members may not be open to accepting a different view than that of their own.

How might factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles affect team building?

Diversity allows individuals to learn how to work with and understand different individuals and their views. A positive attitude will allow a person to be open to learning.

What obstacles might arise from different ethical perspectives among team members?

Some obstacles that may arise from different ethical perspectives among team members may be disagreements in decision making or lack of cooperation.

How might these factors, diversity, attitude, learning and work styles, and ethical perspective be used to resolve conflicts?

Diversity allows different ideas and views to the group. Your attitude affects every factor involed with resolving conflicts. Keeping a positive attitude toward the situation will allow you to be open to resolving any conflicts. Using different learning styles will allow for a better understanding of the situation and limit conflicts. Each member has their own learning style. Assigning a particular task to an individual based on their work style will help get the task completed efficiently and quickly. This would minimize the chances of conflicts or help to resolve conflicts. Ethical perspectives are moral views we use to articulate and defend specific values or more general ideals by which we choose live our lives....
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