Effective Teams

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Effective Teams
When setting up a team, the most important ingredient is the people. If the team is to function effectively, all the necessary skills and experience should be present and the people should have the authority to act on their own. When a team starts working, it will need time and facilities to start their development and agree how they are going to operate. The purpose of the team must be clearly stated and written down in a document or manual.

The type of team in the simulation is a Cross-Functional Task Force. I chose the Cross Functional Team because this will be a group of people working toward a common goal and made of people with different functional expertise. Matching the top five candidates according to which roles they would play was not difficult at all. I read each candidates background and personal interest first. I decided that Petra Diodorus would be good for the Linker and Producer role because she is a good verbal communicator and effective communication methods are necessary for the team. If there are poor communicators on the team, there will be a lot of team members left in the dark, confused and misunderstood. John Marsh will be a great creator. John background information supports his knowledge of being creative. He has 15 years experience managing automotive development and manufacturing. Also he likes to share his knowledge with others, so he will be a great team member to work with. I did choose Maria de Grassa because I felt that she is more into the human resource department and making sure she hires the right employees to work at Luxurion Auto. I chose Amrita Choudhury for the Assessor and Adviser role and realized that she would be better for the Creator role because of her six years experience as a junior designer, so I think she is more suitable for the Creator role, and John Marsh background will also be good for the Creator role, however he will probably do a better job as the Assessor and Advisor role. I also...

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