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Why I Want to Get My Ged

By icehousewolf Feb 15, 2012 350 Words
A GED is an important part of life if one wishes to pursue further education but was unable to graduate high school for whatever reason. I myself earned a diploma through continental academy online but they had lost their accreditations a month before I enrolled so my diploma is essentially worthless. I am working towards earning my GED so I can go to college and learn about subjects I am interested in as well as learning new things and gaining new experiences.

Several reasons contribute to why I am finally deciding to buckle down and get my GED, but I would have to say the biggest one is simply to gain more knowledge about everything that has to do with computers. In todays advanced world education is everything. Computers control almost everything and in turn must have reliable and properly educated people to run them. Getting my GED will allow me to further my knowledge of computers as well as their hardware and software.

Quite a lot of people don’t have jobs they like such as ones concerning manual labor, and without an education, is one of the only choices out there. I work for a tree service and it has taken its toll on my body, shoulder feels like its slipping out, bad knees, etc. With a GED and further education, I could get a less physically demanding job that I could enjoy doing and get paid while doing it.

I believe the most important reason why I want to obtain my GED is for my own sense of felf well-being. Nothing could make me feel more accomplished than working towards improving the quality of my life and in turn improving the quality of life of those around and close to me.

Since my diploma wasn’t able to help me, a GED is the next best choice. From furthering education, getting a job you want and can enjoy to going to college, making yourself feel accomplished and working towards a better life, a GED can be a gateway to all of these things and more.

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