Why People Go to College

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Anthony Tran
English 100
The Importance of College
What is college? College is a form of higher education after high school. There are thousands of colleges in the United States and around the world. These colleges offer opportunities to learn about a number of broad subjects. Going to college is not required or mandatory but rather a choice by an individual. Going to college costs a lot of money and a person wouldn’t spend all that money if they didn’t think it was valuable. It’s also hard work as it takes commitment to attend classes and countless hours will be spent studying. However, millions of people choose to attend. Why do they go to college?

There are several reasons why people choose to attend college. One of them is the opportunity given with a college education. By acquiring a college degree of some sort, people open many new doors of opportunities than those without a college education. College graduates will acquire higher-level positions. A college degree is also required to advance or to move up. I recently met a friend that works as a machinist at a shop. He’s thirty-two years old and is going back to college so he can get a degree and move to a management position. Like my friend, many people are going back to college so they can get a degree to move up or to get another career. With the economy these past years, opportunities are limited so having a degree will give people the upper hand in landing the job.

People also go to college because they want to make good money by getting a high paying job. These jobs are reserved to those who have completed an extensive education. Their motivation to go to college is to be able to live the lifestyle that they want to live. With all the glitzy glamorous things on the media, people are left in awe as they crave and want them. The society today is very materialistic and we all want or dream of living in luxury. The luxurious lifestyle is a motivation for people to go to college to be able...
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