Going Back to School

Topics: Academic degree, High school, Bachelor's degree Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: May 5, 2013
This is my essay on why people need to really consider going back to school in pursuit of a college degree. One without such a degree is more than likely to struggle throughout life, as well as in other areas in life. In this essay, I will explain why it is so important and how high the demand for such an education has risen and where the demand is more than likely to end up. Lets us began with remembering back when it was quite the accomplishment to finish High School. Job opportunities would seem as if they were thrown at you. Your family members would praise you for such a good job. The feeling of that was so great; it felt as if you were unstoppable. Now days a High School Diploma is nothing short but a sure way to get a minimum wage paying job that you are more than likely to not enjoy what so ever. The main purpose in pursuing a college degree is, not only to make a respectable amount of money, but to be happy with what you are doing. In today’s society, even an Associate degree has started to be an equivalent to what a high school diploma can get you, which is just your standard, everyday run of the mill job. And let’s face it, with the cost of college steadily rising, it’s very important to get all you can out of the time you are going to be investing. The ease of going back to school has become so much easier than what it used to be. The financial aspect of it all is set up mostly to where you don’t have to stress on it until a curtain amount of time has passed after you have graduated from your field of study. This gives a person an ample amount of time to get out there and find that well paying job they’ve been working so hard for. Is college easy? No. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve this. My conclusion to this essay is this. Jobs are getting harder and harder to find; especially the rewarding ones. Companies are in high demand for educated employees and that demand is only going to...
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