When Hell Sings.

Topics: Demon, Devil, Hell Pages: 4 (1223 words) Published: January 28, 2014
When Hell Sings.
Overview: An RPG (Role Playing Game) of high violence, blood, and horror-based scenes. Rated 18+ due to gore and lack of recommendation to the weak of hearts. This is a fantasy game themed in a historical and epic form, also based on imaginary facts and visions by the Game Concept Designer. It aims to deliver a good amount of action-based thriller to the gamers, and add to it the elemental factor of horror alongside the gory gothic like events.

Plot: The story follows the tormented present of the main character in his quest to seek revenge from his own father through a fantasy world infested by beasts and horrors as hell emerges onto earth. Years ago, the hero of the story, Dermetzger, lived peacefully in exile away from the world with his mother, until the day when his father found their whereabouts and executed a devastating wrath on them. Dermetzger, being born of an Angelo mother and Demonic father, possessed massive hidden powers of which he used to protect his now mortally wounded mother and stand against Lucifer himself, his own father. Dermetzger journey leads him through kingdoms of corrupt men controlled by demonic powers from within the shadows. Helped by companions, and making his way through hordes of monster, vampires, dragon-like creatures and demons, Dermetzger manages to reach his goal eventually. In a quest of revenge, he sat off to meet the devil head-on to avenge the death of his mother and the only thing he had in life. Dermetzger, however, is strained by his human form and Angelo blood, which means his Demonic powers won’t immediately charge and be ready to be used, which stands as an obstacle in his way. Through the game, however, Dermetzger manages to hold control over his powers and put them in good use to serve the target he sought.

- Dermetzger Hellsing: Born of the fallen one, Lucifer, and a high-ranked angel, Dermetzger is one of the deadliest forces to walk the earth. After being found by...
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