What Makes an Effective Team Leader?

Topics: Leadership, Management, Skill Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: May 28, 2007
What makes a great team leader? According to Victor Parachin, Thomas Jefferson made an excellent leader because he was optimistic, made things happen, and had a vision that he expressed clearly, was able to sell to others and successfully turned into reality. Effective leadership is a necessity. Leadership has been a requirement of society since the beginning of time. If a company's goal is to progress, effective leadership is the key. Leadership is a vigorous method of relationship building between individual groups. Effective leaders improve performance by assuming a level of competence and building upon existing strengths. Effective leadership is positively a necessity if a company's goal is to progress. A good team leader is someone that can take responsibility for their actions and everyone who is beneath him or her. In order to be an effective team leader, you must possess the qualities of having a vision, courage, and interpersonal communication skills. In order for someone to be a great manager, they must have a vision, passion, and aggressive determination, (Rubin et al., 2002). A vision is a creative thinking process, (Cavasin, 2003). At times your vision may be difficult to understand and to apply to the group. But according to Vince Cavasin, this is because successful visionary leaders have internalized wisdom about their environments and their capabilities, so that this wisdom becomes apart of the creative process. A good team leader must have some insight to where the team is going. According to Susie Stephenson, to be a leader you need a clear vision of where the organization needs to go. You also need a good understanding of the skills of the people in the organization. For example, if team leader has no idea of where the team is going, then how will the team leader get the team to where it needs to be? A good team leader will have a vision and will accomplish that goal by taking it one step at a time. A team leader must...
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