leadership style paper

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Leadership Style Paper
Monique Hale
August 26, 2014
April Fox
Leadership Style Paper
A leader is one who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish a specific goal. A manager, leader or supervisor is most of the time used interchangeably but they are all different. The function of a good leader is to achieve a consensus within the group to also provide structure and to empower each team member to achieve their goals and to achieve them successfully (Sullivan & Decker, 2005). Leadership according to the reading can be formal or informal. Informal leadership is demonstrated by staff that does not have an appointed management position; informal leadership solely depends upon someone’s knowledge or on the job training. Formal leadership is someone who is appointment as the manager or supervisor, and this leadership is also based upon personal skills set but maybe reinforced by organizational authority and position (Sullivan & Decker, 2005).

To be a successful leader one must be skilled in empowering others to do well and be successful. A successful leader demonstrates effective communication skills, problem solving skills, and decision making skills. A good leader clearly define their purpose and mission, a good leader most often understand people and their needs good leaders also recognizes people differences and use this knowledge in their interaction with each individual. A good leader most importantly must be able to inspire others to commit to their goals and also inspire success (Sullivan & Decker, 2005). Considering the reading, President Barack Obama demonstrates great leadership characteristics. President Barack Obama is what you call an authentic leader, authentic leaders is one that is understands the struggles of the front-line staff, and he is compassionate those people and as well as the American People that depend on him and his leadership team to make major decisions for our country. President Barack...
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