What Is Academic Writing?

Topics: University, Writing, Accuracy and precision Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: October 25, 2010
What is Academic Writing?

To write at an Academic level there are factors and rules to follow, to gain the formality you are expected to write in. Most people are introduced to writing at an academic level when attending University. When at University, students are expected to write in a formal style, covering a lot of information and backing up with arguments and references. There are many factors to take into account when writing at an academic level. As a student you are gradually taught the rules as you move through school and finally into higher education. There are roughly eight rules to consider before starting any academic writing. The first factor or rule would be ‘Complexity’. Academic writing is meant to be more complex, using longer more dense words and with a varied vocabulary. It should be on a more complex level than spoken language, being precise and very accurate, meaning no slang or shortening of words. In addition to ‘Complexity’, the second factor links with it very well, ‘Formality’. ‘Formality’ is very important, as academic writing is to inform the reader on a subject, it is not to be entertaining. Writing should be up to a formal standard, like broadsheet papers, textbooks and journals. As writing has to be a high standard, ‘Precision’ should also be considered. However this type of writing might be more relevant to scientific writing, giving facts and figures precisely. There is however a general rule that applies to all types of academic writing, which is objectivity. All academic writing should be written from an objective view, and not from a personal one. The main point of academic writing is to get your information across to the reader and your arguments. Making arguments for and against of the topic you are writing about and also with accurate vocabulary. Also good language to use with academic writing is links or hedging. To make a good piece of writing flow together would be using words like, However, Also, On average,...

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