Scholarly Writing Skills

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This paper reveals an observation of scholarly writing skills. I will write an analysis of certain strengths and weaknesses regarding the author’s effort at scholarly writing. An assessment will be given of the paragraph, as it pertains to terms of appropriateness, bias, opinion, and quality of evidence for a target audience. I will offer my analysis in a scholarly voice and writing skills.

Keywords: analysis, appropriateness, assessment, bias, opinion, quality of evidence, scholarly writing, scholarly voice

Scholarly Writing

Scholarly writing is known to be a type of categorized writing and not superior to journalism or fiction. There are expectations, traditions and values that must be adhered to in this style of writing. According to Watson (2010), experts in a particular field write articles using scholarly writing. These articles have a primary audience in the field of study. Hence, scholarly articles are written in a more advanced and refined manner than general writings. Scholarly writing is known to have an objective stance, which states the significance of a well-organized topic. The article is detailed effectively and provides for reproduction by other scholars with the same results (para. 2). Learning what scholarly writing is and implementing guidelines of this style of writing will enable a scholar-practitioner to create successful articles personally and professionally.

Analysis of Scholarly Writing

The author’s paragraph contains certain strengths and weaknesses in terms of appropriateness, bias, opinion, quality of evidence, and scholarly writing. Initially, the paragraph lacks an explanation of a specific purpose for the topic of discussion. The author writes a brief synopsis regarding the availability of computers, based mostly on personal opinion. Only one source was quoted, which inferred a certain percentage of high school students used computers. This does not allot for any other category of society, which...

References: Kranz, P. L., Lund, N. L., Steele, R. A., & Meyers, M. E. (2004). Preparing Scholarly Articles for Publication in Professional Journals. International Journal of Play Therapy, 13(1), 7-12. doi:10.1037/h0088882
Watson, S. (2010). How to select scholarly resources. Purpose of Scholarly Writing. Retrieved December 25, 2011, from sources.html
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