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Accuracy And Precision

Accuracy and Precision Laura Norwood CHM/110 October 11, 2012 Dr. Grant W.Wangila Accuracy and Precision Chemistry is a vibrant part of society. When experiencing some of life’s simplest of pleasures, there is usually a process that has undergone different aspects of what a chemist studies every day. In the text for this course, the example of experiencing even a simple sunset can be related to chemistry. “Molecules in the air interact with light from the sun, scattering away the blue...

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Accuracy and Precision - Essay

Accuracy and precision both relate to the quality of a measure. However, the terms have separate meanings and should not be applied as an alternate for the other. The meaning of accuracy is the extent to which a given measurement agrees with the standard value for that measurement. The meaning of precision is the degree to which the correctness of a quantity is articulated. The difference between accuracy and precision is like playing a game of darts. There can have several outcomes by shooting three...

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Precision and Accuracy Lab Report

Precision describes the closeness of results that have been obtained in exactly the same way while accuracy indicates the closeness of the measurement to its true value. This experiment was used to determine the accuracy and precision of different volumetric measuring devices, as well as determining the density of an unknown metal. This lab was to help understand the application to volumetric measurements. Part 1: First, the next-to-smallest beaker was cleaned, dried, and weighed on the scale...

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Density, Accuracy, Precision And Graphing

 Experiment Density, Accuracy, Precision And Graphing OBJECTIVES 1. The determination of the density of water 2. A comparison of the accuracy and precision of a graduated cylinder and a pipet EXPERIMENTAL MATERIALS Part A A 50mL graduated cylinder A balance 50.0mL deionized water A rubber policeman Part B A 100mL beaker A 50mL graduated cylinder A volumetric pipet 120.0mL deionized water A thermometer A rubber policeman ...

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Chem 01.07 Accuracy & Precision

01.07 Accuracy and Precision: Balance Lab Worksheet Data * Below is the table that you will complete for the virtual lab. Either type your results into this table or print the table from the virtual lab (it must be submitted to receive full credit for this assigment.) * To print from the virtual lab. 1. Be sure the data table is viewable. 2. Right-click (PC) or Command-Click (Mac) on the table and select print. Part I: Density of Unknown Liquid | | Trial 1 | Trial...

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density, accuracy and precision lab

Lab No.1: density, accuracy and precision Aim: to determine the relative precision and accuracy of different glassware items by calculating the density of a known substance. Introduction: the density of a substance is its mass per unit volume. (where P-density, m- mass and v- volume). Different materials usually have different densities and densities vary according to the pressure, temperature and purity of a substance. When measuring, there is always a small uncertainty or error and therefore...

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Accuracy and Precision and Theodolite

over" ("transit the scope") to let easy back-sighting and doubling of angles for error reduction. Some transit instruments are capable of reading angles directly to thirty seconds. However "transit" is considered to be a theodolite type having less precision. It also lacks such features as scale magnification and micrometers. In spite of the fact that newer precise electronic theodolites have become very popular, the transit is still used as a lightweight tool on construction sites. There are further...

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1.07 Accuracy and Precision

Erica Alonso Chemistry Honors 1 Mr. Cunningham 1.07 Accuracy and Precision Procedure Access the virtual lab and complete the experiments. Data • Below is the table that you will complete for the virtual lab. Either type your results into this table or print the table from the virtual lab (it must be submitted to receive full credit for this assignment.) Part I: Density of Unknown Liquid Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Mass of Empty 10 mL graduated cylinder (grams) 26 25.6 26 Volume of liquid...

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Accuracy or Precision

Chemistry and Society Paper In everyday life, accuracy and precision are important. These two terms are often interchanged freely, but these terms have key differences. Many businesses require both accurate and precise measurements to stay in business. Accuracy and Precision Accuracy refers to something that is consistent with a known value (Maze-Emery, 2009). Precision is the amount of detail something provides (“accuracy/precision,” 2005). A simple analogy is someone throwing darts at...

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Pipetting, Weighing, Accuracy and Plotting

Pipetting, weighing, accuracy and plotting Introduction In this practical, there were three parts in which basic skills and key ideas were put into practice as they are essential to working in the laboratory in order to get reliable and valid results; one of the basic skills put into practice was pipetting. This was the main objective for the whole practical, as pipettors are the fundamental tools used to measure liquids in laboratories. Not only did this develop the skills and confidence acquired...

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