What does it take to be charismatic leader

Topics: Charismatic authority, Charisma, Leadership Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: January 17, 2014
What does it take to be charismatic leader?

Charisma is at any rate very useful and significant tool to become successful. Whilst some people argue that charisma is somehow inborn, others disagree. They believe that anyone can become a charismatic leader. However, it might require some time and energy. Charismatic leaders can have a huge impact on their followers’ performance and also on formation of their opinions and attitudes. With charisma you become more influential and inspiring. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to arouse interest in people. Suppose some weak and uncharismatic leader would run for the office? His/her chances for victory would obviously be very poor. As a matter of fact, people tend to take liking in charismatic people very easily. Charisma is hardly something you can touch, therefore, it is sort of difficult to describe. As for the actual definition, the word “charisma” is defined as personal magnetism or charm which is assigned to the leaders who arouse devotion and enthusiasm of public. The importance of charisma in a leader has already been established in the introduction. However, what are the actual attributes that this charismatic leader ought to posses? These attributes range from variety of different traits and qualities such as focus, authority, self-confidence as well as kindness and respect. It is also essential that charismatic leader is verbally highly skilled, very articulate and able to communicate with followers on emotional level, and therefore, be supportive of them. Quite interestingly the looks have only a little to do with being charismatic. As a matter of fact, many of the world famous leaders who possessed great deal of charisma were not the most attractive. It is something more inward; somehow connected to inner strength and self control. Charisma can be very efficient in the fields of public speech, activist movements, and politics as well as in business sector. Revolutionary thoughts and activities are often...
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